“At TEP, no aspect of operation is more important than the health of human beings.  Living needs are met in harmony with the highest technology, ethical and environmental standards”

TEP Electric Generation, Distribution and Trade Co. Ltd. vision is to be an innovative and influential leader in the global sustainable electrical energy market. TEP is dedicated to accomplish that with a high quality and cost effective manner. TEP is committed to grow with his partners. Developing a passionate and strong partnership is our fundamental strength. TEP is one of the Turkey’s leading renewable energy developers working to design, develop, construct and operate projects that contribute to our goal of a sustainable future. TEP is established on January 2009 in Ankara, Turkey. TEP has activities in electricity generation, distribution, trade and R&D. TEP has an cutting edge R&D activity in electrical power applications. We have a portfolio of low-carbon and high efficient  energy technologies for utility, industrial, and commercial sectors at any scale. The renewable energy revolution offers huge environmental and economic benefits, and our technical brilliance and unrivalled experience is already playing a leading role in Turkey. TEP is committed to achieving commercial success without compromising the highest ethical and environmental standards. TEP is committed partner for tree planting programs that is the most important solution methodology for CO2 reduction.


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