Electro-Catalytic Oxidation

High Voltage High Frequency Pulsed Power Supply

A high-voltage, low-current power supply for supplying electrical power to one or more gas plasma reactors, such as may be used in the remediation of a polluted gas stream or Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) applications. The power supply utilizes one or more high-voltage, low-current electronic switches to provide the desired pulsed output to the reactor(s). Preferable the power supply has a voltage rise in the nanoseconds range and a controllable pulse width in the microseconds range, and a repetition rate of approximately 10kHz or higher. The power supply does not require a 50 or 60Hz step-down transformer and a high frequency, complex step-up transformer for voltage decrement and increment when drawing electrical power from a high-voltage bus. When coupled to a gas plasma reactor, such as a dielectric barrier discharge reactor, the power supply has the ability to produce a substantially homogenous (Townsend) discharge therein, as opposed to an arc or streamer discharge.

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