Hydro Turbine

Hydro Turbine

Pelton 150kW
TEP has been working to develop a 100kW to 2000kW channel-type hydro power plant under the granted TUBITAK project. Banki Turbine is the major component of the whole system. TEP has designed and built the 250kW banki turbine. TEP has hydro turbine products from 100kW to 1000kW. One of the major goal of this project was to achive cost effective electromechanical system. TEP envisioned that the electromechanical system should be paid back within one year if average time of operation is larger than 3000 hour per year. TEP has a novel way of opearting the complete system. TEP turbine does not have flow controller. Therefore the turbine has lower cost and longer operation life.







Load on the shaft and utility interface and remote/local controller are performed through Power System Gateway (PSG). One other advantage of TEP’s design is to have unmanned operation of the electromechanical system. However manpower only needed for security and if needed open channel clean up from leaves and branches. Within this project TEP enginered turbine, synchronous generator, and PSG. In conventional way, turbine speed is controlled by adjusting the flow.

TEP Electric Hydro Brochure

YEK Hydro Tariff

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